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Obituary for Xiangfu Zhu

Xiangfu Zhu, of Newton, passed away peacefully on Friday November 24, 2023, in the comfort and care of his residence in Care One Nursing home at Newton at the age of 92.
Born on October 1, 1931, in Shanghai China, 1st child of Wensun Zhu and Ruiju Liu. He was raised in Shanghai and attended St. John’s University (later its Architecture and civil engineer department merged with TongJi University). He graduated from TongJi University with bachelor’s degree in civil engineer in 1955 and joined Bejing Institute of Architectural Design. Later he joined Shanghai Civil Architecture Design Institute. Worked there for more than 30 years until he retired in 1991. He married a St. John’s alumni Shuntian Zhang, an accountant in December 1960 and they had two daughters.
In 1999, he and his wife moved to the state to live with their elder daughter in Louisville Kentucky, where they took care their grandson and watched him grow up. In 2010, they moved to Newton Massachusetts to live with their younger daughter and accompanied the growth of their two other grandchildren. His life was filled with love and joy from his grandchildren. He is an active person and has broad personal hobbies. He sang Chinese Opera very well and performed on stage not only when he was back in China but also on the stage of Louisville’s Chinese Spring Festival and Boston Chinese Opera performance. At that time he was already over 80 years old. He also loved to play Tennis, Bridge, Go and he was also a very good cook although he learned cooking skill after he moved to US. He is an easy going and optimistic person. He was always in good mode and good health until recent years. His health was deteriorated fast and was admitted to the hospital last year. Then late he was transferred to Care One Newton and passed away in that facility.
Xiangfu has a successful professional carrier. He was an expert for long span structure arena and stadium. Led the design and implementation of several prominent public building and facility such as Shanghai Swimming center, Shanghai Hongko football arena, Shanghai Culture Square, 1st high rise apartment building in Shanghai etc. He also designed numerous public schools, hospitals, and shopping centers throughout his 36 years carrier. His student inherited his expertise and was also an expert on large public facility design.
He loved travelling. Back in 1950, 60, 70s when the transportation was still undeveloped in China, his feet had already been on northeast, central, southeast, southwest of China, name a few such as Bejing, Chengdu, Nanjin, Xuzhou, Guangzhou, Guiling etc. He also brought mom to Hongkong and Haina. After he moved to US, he expanded his traveling map to Europe, Mexico, and Canada, name a few: England, France, Holland, Denmark, Spain, Germany, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Alaska, Grand Canyon. He also visited most famous national parks and cities in US.
With his passing, Xiangfu is survived by his elder daughter Jin and her husband Lingbo, his younger daughter Xuemin and her husband Kecheng, grandchildren Allen, Vincent, Katelyn. In addition, he leaves many nieces and nephews who will all miss him dearly.
His funeral service will be held in Brasco Memorial Chapels on Nov 30, 2023, at 4pm.

朱享紱先生于 2023 年 11 月 24 日星期五在牛顿市 Care One 疗养院中平静地去世,享年 92 岁。
出生于1931年10月1日中国上海,是朱文孙和刘瑞菊的第一个孩子。 他在上海长大,就读于圣约翰大学(后其建筑与土木工程系并入同济大学)。 1955年毕业于同济大学土木工程专业,获学士学位,毕业后加入北京建筑设计研究院。1 年后加入上海民用建筑设计院。 在那里工作了30多年,直到1991年退休。1960年12月,他与圣约翰大学校友、会计师张舜田结婚并育有二女。
1999年,他和妻子搬到肯塔基州路易斯维尔与大女儿一起生活,在那里他们照顾外孙并陪伴他长大。 2010年他们搬到马萨诸塞州牛顿,与小女儿一起生活,陪伴外孙,外孙女成长。 他的生活充满了来自孙子们的爱和欢乐。 他有广泛的个人兴趣爱好。 他爱唱京剧而且很专业,不仅在国内时就戴妆登台演出,还登上了路易斯维尔中国春节晚会和波士顿京剧演出的舞台。 那时他已经80多岁了。网球、桥牌、围棋也在他众多爱好之列,虽然他移居美国后才开始学习烹饪但却烧得一手好菜。 他为人随和乐观,健康状况良好。 直到最近几年他的身体状况开始衰退,于去年9月住进了医院。 后来被转移到牛顿Care One 疗养院并在那里去世。
朱享紱先生是位成功的专业人士,他是大跨度结构建筑物专家。 主导了上海游泳中心、上海虹口足球场、上海文化广场、上海第一批高层公寓楼等多个著名公共建筑和设施的设计和实施。在他36的工程师生涯中他设计了众多公立学校、医院和购物中心。他的学生也成为了大型公共设施设计方面的专家。
他喜欢旅行,早在1950、60、70年代,当中国交通还不发达的时候,他的足迹就已经踏遍了中国的东北、华中、东南、西南,比如北京、成都、南京、徐州、广州、桂林等。 他还带母亲游香港和海南。 移居美国后,他的旅行版图扩展到了欧洲、墨西哥、加拿大等地,英国、法国、荷兰、丹麦、西班牙、德国、波多黎各、夏威夷、阿拉斯加、大峡谷都留下了他和母亲的足迹。 他们访遍了美国著名的国家公园和城市。
他将永远活在她的女儿雪薇,雪敏,女婿凌波,克成,外孙绍诺,文胜,外孙女绍允心中, 也将留在她众多亲友的记忆中。
她的葬礼将于 2023 年 11月 30日下午 4:00 在 Brasco 纪念教堂举行